4th Grade

Hello 4th Grade Families!  Please read below concerning a very important homework assignment your child has for writing!


What’s happening:  It is time for your 4th grader to choose a famous person from their assigned state. This piece of writing will be an important part of their state board projects that will be presented in May.


What we need from you:   During the next few days at home, we need you and your 4th grader to research their famous person using online search engines like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia or BingBio.com is also a great resource for doing this type of research! 


You and your child will find articles that contain important information of the variety needed to write a biography. In class, we will have students read these articles more in depth so they can highlight and gather important facts such as where the person was born, why the person was famous, and so on.


All found articles should be printed and returned to school no later than Tuesday, February 28th If your child doesn’t have access to a printer at home, please email articles to Mrs. Cervantes. If you have no computer access, please write us a note to let us know.


Again, articles need to be collected and be back at school by Tuesday, February 28th.