3rd Grade


The third graders have been incredibly busy learning the past several months. Our trip to the African Museum was very informative and we got to view what life was like in Iowa for African Americans. Many of the students enjoyed learning about Iowa’s role in the Underground Railroad and the Civil War. Our study on slavery and the Civil War continues. The students are very interested in this period of our country’s history. Language Arts continues to be a major emphasis for third graders. We have been working to strengthen comprehension skills along with increasing fluency. Some of the skills we have been working include summarizing, text features, and inference. Writing has focused on writing persuasive essays. Next up is learning how to write a report. Division has been the focus of math this past month. Students are working hard at learning the facts, especially 6, 7, 8, and 9. Families can help by being sure each student has an opportunity to practice the basic fact for a few minutes each day. Each class has received their new science units on Sound. We hope to get started on that unit next month. The students always have a lot of fun with this unit. A big thank you to all the parents who have gone with us on field trips, will be going, or have been helping out in the classroom. We appreciate your time, energy, and support!