1st Grade Newsletters


If you ask any first grader how first grade is, you may get the answer: busy. Every day is a new adventure for us. We are continuing to work hard at developing our skills in all areas. We work each day on our reading skills. We’ve read many stories in our class reader as we work to apply our skills we are working on in our small group reading. We’ve been practicing skills such as predicting, discussing character and setting, main idea and details, and asking questions as we read. We want to be good readers and these are all skills good readers do. We have become great authors. We’ve enjoyed writing different pieces of writing. We’ve written many different types of writing. We continue to work on adding details to our writing to make them fun and interesting to read. In math we are working to develop our fact power to become better mathematicians. We are practicing addition strategies to help us become more confident. First graders are also busy practicing their skip counting skills and using a 100s chart. In January first graders take their first addition timed test. We look forward to seeing our scores go higher and higher as the year goes on! It is a busy time in first grade. Each day is a new learning experience for us and we enjoy each day!